Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Wrap-Up

This may seem a little late, but I've been avoiding my computer. It's hard to explain...but anyway, I'm wrapping-up my challenges for 2014 so I can start thinking about challenges for 2015! This is one of the best parts of blogging from my perspective. I can see how much I've accomplished on my goals for the last year and get really excited about what is to come! (This will just be a final numbers post, but I'll have a link for each challenge so you can see titles and more information.) So, without further ado, here are the final lists:

Let Me Count the Ways
Original Goal: Gold, 4001-6000 pages
Adjusted Goal: 10,000 pages
Read: 13,371
Both goals completed!

Book Bingo
Original Goal: Diagonal, 11 books
Adjusted Goal: Blackout, 55 books
Read: 30 books
Original goal completed!

Dive into Poetry
Original Goal: 2 books
Read: 1 book

Where Are You Reading
Challenge Suggestion: 50 states+foreign books
Original Goal: Have fun and map where I'm reading!
Original goal completed!

I didn't actually set a goal for the last one, but I had a good time mapping where I'm reading! I might do that again this year and then compare the maps to see how it changes with my goals. Obviously, I was disappointed by my incomplete status on the poetry challenge. I only challenged myself to read two books! I got stuck on Ariel by Sylvia Plath and didn't want to pick up a new one because then I might never finish the former! I'm not going to take another poetry challenge, but I'll try to read individual poems (rather than an entire book of them at a time) more often. Maybe that will help. The host of the page-counting challenge deleted her blog early in the year, but I adjusted my goal and continued counting pages anyway--I had never tracked pages read before; that was fun! I always have fun with Book Bingo, too. I did quite a bit this year and reached my original goal, so that's awesome. All in all, it was a great year of reading. Here's hoping this year is just as wonderful and fun!


  1. I've long been thinking of hosting some kind of poetry-reading challenge, maybe for National Poetry Month in April. Probably won't do it this April, though, as I'm hosting a read-along of Little Women beginning in March that will doubtless carry through all of April and into May. But maybe in 2016! I used to read so much poetry, and these days, I just don't, which saddens me.

    1. That would be really fun, Hamlette! I would totally volunteer to host something this year, but my job is so demanding right now, I don't have the time to prepare something like that I don't think. Let me know when you decide to do it, though; I'll try to participate! I actually read a fair amount of poetry. I think my issue with the challenge was to read a full book of it, because I usually read one here and one there. But I'm thinking of maybe starting poetry posts from time to time.

    2. Poetry posts would be fun!

      This year is kind of full in my blogging life -- did the Sherlock Holmes party this month, hosting the Little Women read-along in March, and I want to do a Hamlet read-along over the summer. And then probably the Tolkien party again in September. But maybe in the fall, or else next spring, I'll do some kind of poetry party or challenge or something!

    3. Well, those all sound fun, too! One thing I love about blogging is that there are so many fun things to plan for and ways to challenge yourself with your reading. It'll be a good year.