Thursday, November 19, 2015

Unexpected Insanity

I love you all a lot, and it has sucked not being on here lately! A few weeks ago, I had some stomach pain and figured it was just a bug. Spent some time eating carefully and working parts of my shifts and saw a doctor who gave me something for the pain. After a couple more days, the pain was a bit worse and my legs started swelling. I've had some trouble with my kidneys in the past, and swelling quickly is often a sign of that flaring up, so my husband and I went to the E.R. Then things escalated like crazy! I had several tests done and found out I had early acute appendicitis. So, they did surgery and removed my appendix. Meanwhile, my kidney condition (called minimal change disorder) was, in fact, flaring up. Over the past two weeks, I have been healing from my surgery as well as adjusting to about five new medications for my kidneys and side effects. Right now, I'm not feeling much pain, but the swelling is still significant in my legs and feet. I'm on a new low-sodium diet, which is quite an adjustment, and my energy wanes at random times. I know this is all wild to hear, but I wanted you all to know why I've been neglecting you! This has changed quite a bit of my end-of-the-year plans as well, and I'm sure that will affect my reading habits and blog challenges. I hope to drop in from time-to-time and chat books with you, so don't give up on me!