Sunday, December 8, 2013


Wow, so I have really lost track of the time passing in-between my posts here. Since I work in retail, this time of year is completely insane, not to mention I've taken on a ton of new responsibilities lately. I'm actually reading quite a bit, though; I just forget to update my blog. So, I'm sorry for that. If I have the time in the next couple of days, I'll try to back track with a few posts. Anyway, this is me rambling, but my main point is that I definitely won't be finishing my blog challenges for the year. I was sad about it at first, but I don't regret participating, and I'm not really upset about it any more. I think the important thing is that I tried, and next year my reading focus will be on two things: my book club books and my giant beanstalk of a TBR list. This is a more realistic goal, as there will be some overlap, and it will still leave me plenty of freedom to read extra books without the pressure of four or five novels a month (which is just too much right now, since I'm a fairly slow reader). I still have fun ideas for this blog, but they will probably be spread out over time rather than a full revamp that you can expect soon. I hope that I don't lose any readers due to my inconsistencies, because I appreciate you all.

That being said (if you stuck with me), this is the fun part! Although I won't be finishing my P&P Bicentenary goals, that's no reason for you to suffer! I will still be doing my Pride and Prejudice Challenge themed giveaway, and there will be three prizes: Lost in Austen, the 2008 movie that I reviewed here; Two Guys Read Jane Austen by Steve Chandler and Terrence N. Hill, which I reviewed here; and the third is still TBD, but I've already decided it will not be a movie or a book, so we can have some variety. I hope you all get excited about these--I know I am! I'll try to be back tomorrow with the giveaway or at least more information, so stay posted!

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  1. Oooh! I'm very up for that P&P-themed giveaway :-D

    I'm actually hosting a giveaway on my movies-and-life blog this week, and so far... no one has entered. So if you would like a brand-new copy of The Best Years of Our Lives on DVD, go here before Friday and enter!

    1. I'm glad you're excited, Hamlette! I'll try to post it today! :)

      And I had never heard of that movie, but you make it sound really good; entered! (Side note, I read several of your Buffy posts, which just made me want to watch the show all over again. Lovelovelove it!)

    2. BTW, you won the giveaway! Check the email address you provided to the widget so you can send me your mailing address and I can mail you the DVD! Congrats!