Thursday, December 19, 2013

Audio: Brida

Brida is a short novel of love, life, magic, and nature. The main character, Brida, is a young, Irish woman who decides she wants to learn witchcraft. She seeks out a magus and a witch to be her teachers of the traditions of the sun and the moon, respectively.

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First impression: I like Coelho's writing style. He tends to wander from the main focus at times, but that fits with this story. I can't tell what the balance of every day to magical events is going to be in this story. I thought it would be a fantasy, but it seems to be more rooted in existing traditions than in new magic and fabricated ideas. The magus is an interesting character, although his motives are questionable. Brida is still somewhat undeveloped. Right now she's just a young woman trying to be strong and independent while longing for companionship and purpose. We'll see where Coelho takes her.

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Conclusion: What an interesting book! Coelho uses such poetic language in all of his writing, and I love the way he mingles all things together in the world: religion, magic, nature, etc. His books vaguely remind me of Hermann Hesse's writing, and his characters are detailed and fantastic. Linda Emond, the reader of the audio CD version, also does a fantastic job. Her smooth, layered voice lends personality and connection to Brida. I will definitely continue reading books by Coelho in the future.

Just a heads-up, my computer decided to crash this week. Something is wrong with the motherboard (I don't know much about computers, but that's what the guy who can fix it said). I'm using my husband's computer right now, and hopefully I'll be able to alternate this one with the library computers to keep writing reviews for you guys, but until I figure this out, my responses might be delayed. I wanted you all to know--I'm sure you understand what a pain this is in the incredibly digital world in which we live! Anyway--keep entering for my giveaway and sharing with your friends! You guys are awesome!

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