Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Morning Conversations

Okay, so this post isn't about a book or a challenge. It's about Gabe. I try not to talk about my baby too much, because he'd take over the whole blog, but he turned 10-months-old yesterday. It struck me this morning that some of the most meaningful conversations I have are with my son. This may sound sad, like I'm some crazy lady talking to herself, but that's not the case. I studied non-verbal communication some in college (because I loved psychology classes), but I won't get into technical babble with you. I'll just say it's important, which I'm sure you knew before. Anyway, my conversations with Gabe are mostly non-verbal, since his babbling the same sounds over and over doesn't really tell me much. But I can tell by his expressions and the way he moves around that he's telling me all about the things that are important to him right now, and I, in turn, tell him things that are important to me and things that he will be learning soon. So this morning I was talking to him about numbers and letters while we played with some foam ones, and he was probably telling me about the colors and textures of the toys--very seriously, I might add.
None of this may matter to you, but it made me happy, and I wanted to share that experience. Gabe's favorite was the Y, probably because it was yellow and easy to chew on. And the highlight was probably the battle of A and V...maybe they're too similar? But it was awesome, and we had fun, as you can see.

Enjoy the little things!


  1. Hey!
    It is so funny you said this, because we were just talking about how talking is so important for early literacy skills in one of my classes this week! We've been using the resources from ECRR (Every Child Ready to Read) and so I have been thinking about this a lot. Also, ADORABLE PICTURES.

  2. Yes, I totally agree that it's important! And Gabe proves it, because he tries to read to me all the time. He picked up one of his books this morning and started babbling to me and tried to turn the pages himself--it was fantastic! He's going to be such a great reader! And thank you!