Monday, October 12, 2015

Better Homes and Hauntings

Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper is about a gardener/landscaper who wins a bid to completely redo the grounds of a historical mansion on an island supposedly haunted by the ghosts of the woman who was murdered there long ago. Parts of the book are scary, but it's more of a light-hearted, ghostly, and cheesy friend and romance story.

(picture taken from Goodreads)

First Impression: This story is really cute. The characters are fun, if a bit obvious. There isn't a lot of substance to the book, but I'm enjoying Harper's lighthearted, humorous trip into the paranormal. Although I like Nina, her character is a little confusing (supposedly from her experiences both romantic and work-related). Deacon is fantastic--a geeky girl's dream man. So far, I'm enjoying this little break between more serious reads.

Conclusion: I enjoyed this quite a bit, despite more minor expectations. The storyline was predictable, but I felt that excusable for the type of book. It was very charming, and I liked the developing relationship between Deacon and Nina, although I felt Jake and Cindy's relationship to be more appropriately paced. The ghost sub-story was a bit predictable but still well-developed and quite creepy in conclusion. The climax was really good. I don't know about the very end, though. It was forced, too cheesy, and a little weak. (Since Nina is a gardener, I felt that a more natural approach would have been more appropriate--plus, talk about fast-moving!) Also, everyone getting weepy about family and their futures was a bit much for me. I guess that's pretty typical of quick reads like this. So overall, fun but a little too sappy for me in the end.

Recommendation: If you like easy and quick reads about romance and friendship with a touch of the paranormal, this is the book for you!


  1. I've enjoyed a couple of Molly's other books, may just have to check this out when I'm in need of something light.

    1. Absolutely! This is the first one of hers I've read, but I have a friend who buys every one of her books and says they're worth it. If you can recommend any of the others as your favorites, we can swap suggestions. :)

    2. Absolutely! I've read The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires and really enjoyed it! :)

      When I looked back over her list of books, I realized I've only read just that one. Oops. But I've other friends who love her books as well! Maybe I'll start with this one next.

    3. Well, you know, one to recommend is better than none! :) Maybe I'll read your recommendation next and we can swap thoughts.