Sunday, September 20, 2015

Five Bookish (and Not so Bookish) Thoughts

"Bookish (and Not so Bookish) Thoughts" is a meme created by Christine over at Bookishly Boisterous. Here is my new batch of thoughts!

1) I recently went to the 2015 Japanese Festival in St. Louis, and it was awesome! I got to watch a lot of neat demonstrations, including taiko drumming, sumo wrestling, sugar and ice sculpturing, and traditional calligraphy, among other things. Unfortunately, my phone died while I was there, so I didn't get any pictures. But if you're ever in St. Louis, head to the Botanical Gardens! Even when the festival isn't there, it's beautiful!

2) We do monthly crafts with kids at my book store on the second Saturday of each month, and this month, we "built" dinosaurs! It was so simple, but we all had a lot of fun. Gabe has always had an affinity for these prehistoric creatures, and I've become a big fan myself. So anyway, here are a couple of pictures of our creations:

3) You all know how excited I was when Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong was released in April, because it's the only series with which I'm caught up that is still being written! The third book in this Age of Legends Trilogy isn't due to be released until April 2016, and I was filled with pain at waiting, but I've just struck gold and won an advanced reader's copy! The title is Forest of Ruin, and I'm sure you will hear all about it in a review after mine comes in the mail. (cue girly squeal) Get excited!

4) Speaking of ARCs, I am very close to finishing Janet Ursel's Disenchanted, but while you're waiting for my review, snag a free e-copy for yourself or buy a print copy!

5) Check out this list I found on Goodreads!: "15 Beautiful #GoodreadswithaView Photos to Celebrate the Last Weekend of Summer" Beautiful! And below is one of my own:

Okay, I didn't get my book in the picture, although I was at the park to read and let Gabe play a bit. I am loving the weather. Even on the hot days, the breeze is starting to get cooler, and I saw a couple of trees starting to change color the other day! Autumn is my favorite season!

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