Thursday, September 18, 2014

A-Z Bookish Questions

 I don't do these little questionnaires very often, but I like to write something other than reviews once in a while. Also, I have about three of these just sitting in my "Drafts," so here goes!

A to Z Bookish Questions
Borrowed from Birdie at Lady of the Manor

Author you've read the most books from: If we're talking about adult books, probably Jane Austen (or John Galsworthy, if you divide his books as they were originally published). I've read somewhere between 5-10 books by various children's and YA authors, though.

Best sequel ever: I don't know if it's the best, but A Modern Comedy by John Galsworthy is a fantastic sequel to The Forsyte Saga, although each of them really consists of three books.

Currently reading: About ten books, actually. But the ones I read from almost every day right now are The Spymistress by Jennifer Chiaverini (my current book club read), Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (for Hamlette's Piratical Blogathon), and A Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer (the third book in The Land of Stories series).

Drink of choice while reading: Usually tea; sometimes Dr. Pepper or milk.

E-reader or physical book: Physical book! I understand why some people like the e-readers, and they are very convenient, but nothing beats the nostalgia factor.

Fictional character you probably would have actually dated in high school? Other than the fact that he's in a band, Dexter (from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen) is exactly like my husband was in high school! So, he's the most likely. Transport me some years back in time, and I might pick John Thornton from North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell!

Glad you gave this book a chance: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson--I don't usually read adventure books, but this has been a really fun read!

Hidden gem book: The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy--very heavy and dark, but absolutely fantastic!

Just finished: The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen, the first book of The Ascendance Trilogy

Kind of books you won't read: I don't really refuse to read anything, but I have a tendency to avoid certain westerns...and thrillers...

Longest book you've read: I'm not really sure. I've read a lot of long books, and I'm not going to look up the page numbers, but they're mostly classics.

Major book hangover because of: Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong--the next one doesn't come out until April 2015! I had never read the first book in a series before the second one was out until now; it's been a bit of a shock.

Number of bookcases you own: One, because I don't have space for more at the moment. It only holds books that I have yet to read (or finish). And I have boxes and totes full of books in my bedroom...and my closet...and my basement...

One book you read multiple times: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen--I've read several books multiple times, but this one always resonates with me, no matter my mood.

Preferred place to read: I love to read in the park, especially in the Spring or Fall, when the weather isn't too extreme. But give me a blanket, and I'll happily curl up to read on my couch.

Quote you like from a book you read: “Till this moment I never knew myself”(Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice). Simple but expressive.

Reading regret: Not finishing The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. This is the only book I didn't finish reading in the first eighteen years of my life, and I've been told it's fantastic. I plan on picking it up again someday, so we'll see.

Series you started and need to finish: The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. I just need to read the third collection of books, but who has the time? I know it will take me a couple of months to read. Maybe this Fall.

Three of your all time favorite books: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, and A Room with a View by E.M. Forster

Unapologetic fangirl for: Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf

Very excited for this release more than all the others: Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong, the second book in the Age of Legends series

Worst bookish habit: Probably forgetting to return my library books on time...also, sometimes I set books aside and don't finish them until five or ten years later.

X marks the spot: I love bookmarks! I have a collection that is rotated as it's used. Also, I love finding old, rare classics at library book sales for half the market price!

Your latest book purchase: A collection of Roald Dahl pieces written for adults--should be interesting.

Zzzz snatcher book: Is this supposed to be a book you read instead of sleeping? If so, than the answer is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I'm chipping away at it very slowly, because lately I'm only reading it when I can't sleep.


  1. Yay, glad you joined in the fun! :)

    Can I just say amen to The Truth About Forever? SO wonderful. It really resonates with me as well. I never get tired of reading it again and again and again.

    Oh, and I'm awful at getting my library books turned in on time. Every time I think, "this time, I'll remember". HA! My library makes money off of me, but at least I'm supporting a worthy cause, right? ;)

    It sounds as though I'll need to check out Kelley Armstrong's books. I haven't read any of hers yet. Thanks!

    1. Yes! Everything Sarah Dessen writes is fantastic, but The Truth About Forever is definitely my favorite. I haven't had a chance to read her newest.

      Agreed on supporting a worthy cause! The sad thing is, the library here doesn't charge late fees! That's one reason I keep forgetting; they don't even call to remind me until a week or two after the books are due. It's crazy.

      Sea of Shadows is the only book I've read by Kelley Armstrong, but I've been told by a couple of friends that she always writes good books. She writes mostly for adults, I think.

      Glad you enjoyed it! I need to write fun, random posts more often, I think.

  2. I only read the first trilogy from Galsworthy, but I agree, it´s quite a long read, though very interesting!

    1. I love how he follows a family through various generations--not a lot of people do that so thoroughly. Definitely a lot to take in, though.

  3. I really like this meme -- I need to do it!

    The Phantom Tollbooth bored me. But my husband and all his siblings love it. Go figure.

    1. Yes!

      And I know...I keep trying to motivate myself to pick it up again, but then I put it off every time. We'll see.