Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blind Date with a Book

This year, my library is doing a really fun program for February (because of Valentine's Day) called "Blind Date with a Book." I've heard of other places doing this, and it seems like such a great idea to me! Here are the basics: They have a table with several books wrapped in wrapping or butcher paper so you can't tell what they are. You pick one, take it home and read it, and then review it. The idea is to get people reading genres or specific books that they might not otherwise pick-up. So, here's the package I picked-up the other day:

It was a big hit with Gabe, who got to unwrap it!

I won't reveal what book I got yet, but I want to encourage you to try this fun idea out for yourself! If your local library isn't doing it, maybe wrap some of your TBR books and pick one randomly, or go to the library and pick a book with your eyes closed? I think it will turn out really interesting to read something that I hadn't necessarily expected, so here goes!

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  1. What fun! I'll have to do that for my kids when they get a bit older.

    1. It would be great for kids! The one I got isn't a book Gabe could read, but he was so excited about the bright wrapping paper (plus a heart and a bow), I had to let him unwrap it!