Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bitsy View: Berries, Puppies, and Apple Pie

Jamberry by Bruce Degen   
     --Summary: A bear and a little boy travel across a world made of food (marshmallow weeds, biscuit lilypads, etc), collecting and eating several types of berries as they go.
     --Writing Style: rhyming poetry (board book)
     --Highlight: The bear and the little boy fall down a waterfall holding their canoe over their heads as blueberries rain down just behind/above them. The illustration of this leaves an exciting, adventurous impression.
     --Afterthought: The illustrations are really fun and they reflect the friendly, adventurous spirit of the rhymes.

Where's Spot by Eric Hill   
     --Summary: Sally, Spot the puppy's mom, is looking for him at suppertime and finds several other animals in the process.
     --Writing Style: question/answer, lift-the-flap (board book)
     --Highlight: Just when Sally thinks she's found Spot, it turns out to be a turtle under the rug. The turtle says, "Try the basket."
     --Afterthought: This is really fun for kids who like surprises and playing peekaboo. Make sure your child is careful enough for a lift-the-flap book. When I first bought this, Gabe ripped one of the flaps off, so I had to set it aside for a while. But now he can read it just fine, only bending the little flaps slightly as they open.

Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray   
     --Summary: A dog hangs around while his owner, a little girl, makes an apple pie and eats some, and then he tries to get some pie for himself.
     --Writing Style: alphabetical phrases (board book)
     --Highlight: The puppy pulls the tablecloth and the whole pie comes down on the floor, which he then grabs and quickly runs away.
     --Afterthought: The pictures in this are simple but eye-catching, and the puppy makes a very sweet, pitiable character while trying to get some pie.


  1. You know, I've been considering reviewing kids books on my blog too, as I read a LOT of those right now, lol. This is the perfect way to do it -- several together! Love it.

    My kiddos like "Where's Spot" a lot, but "Jamberry" didn't enthuse them. "Apple Pie ABC" sounds cute.

    1. Yeah, I read so many of them all the time that I figured I'd throw them in. And thanks! You should try it.